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Available programs:

Doctor Of Philosophy (Health Science)(Research)

Doctor Of Philosophy (Applied Science)(Research)

Doctor Of Philosophy (Food Service Technology) (Research)

Doctor Of Philosophy In Engineering (Research)

Doctor Of Philosophy (Information And Communication Technology) (Research)

Doctor Of Philosophy (Computer Science) (Research)

Doctor Of Philosophy In Social Science (Research)

Doctor Of Philosophy In Education (Research)

Doctor Of Philosophy In Accouting / Finance (Research)

Doctor Of Philosophy In Management / Business (Research)

Master In Clinical Psychology (Coursework)

Master Of Science In Public Health (Coursework)

Master Of Science (Medical Physiology) (Coursework)

Master In Clinical Pharmacy (Coursework)

Master In Biomedical Sciences (Coursework)

Master Of Science (Applied Science)(Research)

Master In Science (By Research) Food Service Technology

Master In Science (By Research) Biomedicine

Master Of Science In Engineering (By Research)

Master In Information Technology (By Research)

Master In International Hospitality And Tourism (Coursework)

Master In International Event Management (Coursework)

Master In Early Childhood Education (Coursework)

Master In Counseling And Guidance (Coursework)

Master In Educational Management And Leadership (Coursework)

Master In Education (Teaching English A Second Language (Coursework)

Master Of Science (Acounting / Finance) (Research)

Bachelor Of Science In Pharmaceuticals Technology (Hons)

Bachelor In Traditional Chinese Medicine (Hons)

Bachelor In Occupational Safety And Health (Hons)

Bachelor In Halal Quality Assurance (Hons)

Bachelor In Cardiovascular Technology (Hons)

Bachelor In Health Science Management (Hons)

Bachelor In Food Service Technology (Hons)

Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery (Mbbs)

Bachelor Of Science In Mechanical Engineering (Hons)

Bachelor Of Science In Aviation Management And Piloting (Hons)

Bachelor In Information Systems Auditing (Hons)

Bachelor In Visual Communication And Marketing (Hons)

Bachelor In Instructional Multimedia (Hons)

Bachelor In Creative Video And Photography (Hons)

Bachelor In Information Technology (Mobile Wireless Technology) (Hons)

Bachelor In Engineering Technology – Electrical And Electronic Engineering (Hons)

Bachelor In Games Design And Animation (Hons)

Bachelor In Information And Communication Technology (Hons)

Bachelor In English Language & Literature Studies (Hons)

Bachelor Of Management (Public Relation & Entertainment)(Hons)

Bachelor In Education (Electrical And Electronic)(Hons)

Bachelor In Education (Physical Education And Health)(Hons)

Bachelor In Education (Visual Arts)(Hons)

Bachelor In Counseling And Guidance (Hons)

Bachelor In Early Childhood Education (Hons)

Bachelor In Airlines Services Management (Hons)

Bachelor In Beauty And Hair Management (Hons)

Bachelor In Outdoor Recreation Mangement (Hons)

Bachelor In Fashion Design With Marketing(Hons)

Bachelor In Hospitality Management – Tourism (Hons)

Bachelor In Accounting And Finance (Hons)

Bachelor In Office Management Technology (Hons)

Bachelor In Marketing With Psychology (Hons)

Bachelor In Human Capital Management (Hons)

Bachelor In International Business (Hons)

Foundation In Science (Biological Science / Health Science)