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Available programs:

Doctor Of Philosophy In Medicine (Research)

Master Of Laws In Healthcare And Medical Law

Doctor Of Philosophy In Hospitality & Food Studies (Research)

Master Of Hospitality & Food Studies (Research)

PhD Of Philosophy In Education (Research)

Master In Teaching & Learning (Coursework)

PhD Of Philosophy In Communication (Research)

PhD Of Philosophy In Management (Research)

Master of Science in Virtual Design and Construction (Coursework)

American Degree Transfer Program (Liberal Arts)

American Degree Transfer Program (Engineering)

American Degree Transfer Program (Computer Science)

American Degree Transfer Program (Business)

Bachelor Of Medicine, Bachelor Of Surgery (MBBS)

Bachelor Of Social Science (Honors) In International Relations

Bachelor Of Science (Honors) In Culinology

Bachelor Of Culinary Management (Honors) – Work-Based Learning (Wbl)

Bachelor Of International Tourism Management (Honors)

Bachelor Of International Events Management (Honors)

Bachelor Of International Hospitality Management (Honors)

Bachelor Of Interactive Spatial Design (Honors) – Work Based Learning

Achelor Of Interactive Spatial Design (Honors)

Bachelor Of Fashion Design Technology (Honors)

Bachelor Of Design (Honors) In Creative Media

Bachelor Of Robotic Design And Development (Honors) – Work-Based Learning

Bachelor Of Chemical Engineering With (Honors)

Bachelor Of Electrical & Electronic Engineering With Honours

Bachelor Of Mechanical Engineering With Honors

Bachelor Of Software Engineering (Honors)

Bachelor Of Information Technology (Honors)

Bachelor Of Computer Science (Honors) – Work-Based Learning / Technopreneurship

Bachelor Of Mass Communication (Honors) In Public Relations And Marketing

Bachelor Of Mass Communication (Honors) In Public Relations And Event Management

Bachelor Of Mass Communication (Honors) (Digital Media Production)

Bachelor Of Mass Communication (Honors) In Advertising And Brand Management

Bachelor Of Actuarial Studies (Honors) (3 Years)

Bachelor Of Finance And Economics (Honors)

Bachelor Of Banking And Finance (Honors)

Bachelor In Accounting (Fintech) (Honors)

Bachelor Of Accounting And Finance (Honours)

Bachelor Of Entrepreneurship (Honors) In Team Entrepreneurship

Bachelor Of Business (Honors) In International Business And Marketing

Bachelor Of Business (Honors) With Free Electives / Minor / Extension

Bachelor Of Science (Honours) In Sustainable Digital Construction Management (Work Based Learning)

Bachelor Of Science (Honours) In Sustainable Digital Construction Management

Bachelor Of Arts (Honours) In Interior Architecture

Bachelor Of Science (Honours) In Architecture

Foundation Programmes: Science | Engineering

Foundation Programmes: Arts | Business | Computing | Design | Natural & Built Environments